How it works

How it works

At an entry level this event is free. You can choose to upgrade to a Medal or Merchandise Pack to receive an official Stadium Stomp Virtual medal and merch delivered to your door!

Stair climb the grandstands of four of Australia’s most iconic sporting stadiums on your stairs, track your progress and watch your achievements light up along the way. 

Could you stair climb 25,000* stairs - the equivalent of our Stadium Stomp Gabba, Adelaide Oval, SCG and MCG courses on your local set of stairs? This 25,000 stair challenge can be completed anywhere you can find stairs or choose squats, lunges or step-ups as alternatives.

You can also make every step count by choosing to fundraise for our Charity Partner, Black Dog Institute.

Stadium Stomp Virtual with 25,000 stairs is the World’s biggest stair challenge! This time we really are asking…”How many stairs do you dare?”

*Medal only available with an upgrade (not part of the free registration). Please note 25,000 stairs is 12,500 up and 12,500 down. As you would in our stadiums, you’ll be going up and down the stairs to achieve your goal.

No Stairs? Or can’t get there some days?

No dramas. We accept step ups, squats and lunges too.

One squat/lunge = one stair.

One Step Up (and back down) = two stairs

The Order Of Your Stair Climb

The stadiums will be climbed in a specific order, beginning with the smallest course and finishing with the largest. We’ll work through these stadiums week by week but you can start and finish your challenge anytime during the month of September. Heck, you can even surpass the 25,000 stairs and earn yourself bragging rights on our leaderboard!

Starting September 1 your stadium stair climb order looks like this:

  • Brisbane – The GABBA – 5000 stairs
  • Adelaide – Adelaide Oval – 6000 stairs
  • Sydney – SCG – 6700 stairs
  • Melbourne – MCG – 7300 stairs

Any stair climbs logged before 1 September will be reset at the start of the challenge.

Teams and individuals

You can do this solo or with a team. Your stair goal remains at 25,000 per person regardless, but in creating a team, the team captain will be able to view total stairs climbed and funds raised as a collective unit.