Logging your stairs

Logging your stairs

You’ll be able to log your stair climbing session manually through your dashboard. Remember to also include the stairs you did going down!

  • Step 1: Login to your dashboard and select ‘Log My Stairs’
  • Step 2: Under ‘Log My Stairs, enter the date and number of stairs climbed
  • Step 3: The number of stairs will now appear on your page

Counting your stairs during workout


If you don’t have a device that counts flights climbed simply resort back to the 1900’s and use a pen and paper to tally up your climbs or step ups (if you don’t have stairs).

IMPORTANT! Remember to also count the stairs going down!


Use our calculator when adding your activity on the website to convert your “flights climbed” to a stair count. Not all smart devices track flights so check your device first and do a test run to ensure your flight of stairs registers with each ascent.

Note: We use the conversion of 16 stairs = 1 flight or 3m of elevation.

Counting squats, lunges or step-ups

If you're not using stairs, take note of the conversions here:

  1. One step up (and back down again) = two stairs
  2. One squat = one stair
  3. One lunge = one stair


Remember that you can add to your stair count at any point during the challenge.  Take a break from your desk and pump out 50 “step ups” each hour. They’ll all add up!